Insurance Cover

It is important to us that our tenants are insured against damages resulting from burglary, vandalism, fire, water damages and natural disasters, therefore, insurance is required.

You can organize those insurances in the scope of your own home contents insurance and provide proof of insurance or use the Donauversicherungen insurance package offered by MyPlace - SelfStorage.

Within the basic insurance from Donauversicherungen, your stored items are insured up to the amount of € 4,000. This will cost you EUR 6 only for 4 weeks and offers comprehensive cover (as you can see for yourself in our insurance information sheet). If you think that the insured sum is not sufficient, you may increase the coverage amount: For each additional € 1,000, you pay a premium of € 1.50.

Donau Insurance Company

One of the most traditional and, at the same time future-oriented insurance companies in Austria

The Donau Versicherung AG (LLC/Ltd.), Vienna Insurance Group was established in Vienna in 1867 - this was the same year in which Johann Strauss composed the ‘Blue Danube’ Waltz. The Vienna Insurance Group has grown to be one of the top-ten insurance enterprises in Austria, with more than 140 years of experience, competence and reliability. The Group employs a staff of over 1,300 persons and serves around 530,000 customers in Austria, Germany and Italy.

Risk- and Extent of Cover

The subject matter proposed for insurance (furnishings, fixtures, fittings, and stocks of goods,) is covered by the insurance up to the value applied for in the roomspace rental contract (sum insured), against loss or damage from the following insured risks: 

Fire insurance: Loss or damage is covered from fire, lightning, explosion, and the unavoidable consequential loss from the occurrence of such loss or damage, as well as loss or damage from the falling- and impact of manned aircraft.

Burglary: Loss or damage is covered from burglary or attempted burglary (to include loss or damage from vandalism).

Mains water damage: Loss or damage is covered from the leakage of water from water supply pipes and waste water disposal pipes, and from water pipe-, hot water supply- or central heating -equipment.  

Storm and tempest:  Loss or damage is covered from storm, tempest, hail, weight of snow, rock-fall, stone-fall and landslide.

Disaster Protection: As an extension to the contractually agreed cover from storm and tempest, the following risks are also covered: loss or damage from high-water, flood, water backup, rise in the groundwater level, mudflow, earthquake, avalanche flows and weight of avalanche deposits, as well as rain, snow and thaw-water, occurring to the subject matter of the insurance, within the interior of the building - up to a maximum claim of EUR 30,000.00 per location and occurrence.

Not covered: cash, postage stamps, gold-, silver- and jewellery items.

Insurance policy terms and conditions: The insured party and also the renter is treated the same as the policy holder in regard to the insurance policy terms and conditions.

Insurance Policy Terms and Conditions

General terms and conditions for property insurance, Version 1995; 

General terms and conditions for fire insurance, Version 2002; 

General terms and conditions for burglary insurance, Version 1995; 

General terms and conditions from leakage of water from mains pipes, water pipes and equipment, Version 2002; 

General terms and conditions for storm and tempest insurance, Version 2002;

General terms and conditions of business of the SelfStorage Lagervermietungsges.m.b.H. (Inc.); The roomspace rental agreement concluded with Self Storage Lagervermietungsges.m.b.H. (Inc.); special terms, conditions and agreements under the current insurance policy.