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About MyPlace – SelfStorage

What is MyPlace – SelfStorage?

MyPlace – SelfStorage is a storage room provider that has been creating space for life since 1999. As the industry market leader in the German-speaking region, we are always nearby – with over 64 locations in 3 countries and a team of more than 200 employees.

Our offer

What does MyPlace – SelfStorage offer?

We offer safe, clean, dry and non-transparent storage units from a size of 1 m2 in major German, Austrian and Swiss cities. We appeal to both private customers and commercial enterprises who wish to independently store goods and items with us.

As a full-range supplier and strong partner, we also provide you with packaging materials, unit locks and the appropriate insurance protection for your stored goods.

A wide range of additional services (such as transport and relocation assistance, waste disposal service or shelf installation) completes our offer. We cooperate with hand-picked partners who offer MyPlace – Self-Storage users particularly attractive conditions.

Our locations

Where can I find MyPlace – SelfStorage?

MyPlace – SelfStorage currently has 55 locations in major German, Austrian and Swiss cities.

  • In Germany, you can find us in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Nuremberg, Stuttgart, Leipzig, Potsdam, Frankfurt, Offenbach, Wiesbaden and Mainz.
  • In Austria, we are represented in Vienna and in the provincial capitals of Graz and Linz.
  • In Switzerland, we are at your service in Zurich.

Renting storage room

How does storage unit rental work?

It’s quite simple and straightforward: Our experienced SelfStorage team is available during office hours (Mon - Fri 8:30 am - 5:30 pm, Sat 9:00 am - 1:00 pm) to help you choose the storage unit that best suits your individual needs. If you do not have time for a visit, you can also receive consultation via our toll-free hotlines (Germany: 0800 491 491 0, Austria: 0800 244 244, Switzerland: 0800 491 491) or make use of our live chat.

Once you have decided on the right unit and an insurance option, the contract is concluded as easily as for a rental car. Whether analog contract conclusion on site or digital booking via our online tool: Your storage room will be accessible to you immediately every day from 6:00 am to 10:00 pm.

You can gain access to the storage area and unit directly from the car or elevator via short, bright, level paths by entering an 8-digit access code. You will receive this code directly upon conclusion of the contract.

A personal padlock is used to secure your storage unit, which you can obtain from our shop or our lock vending machine in the loading yard.

How much does it cost to store at MyPlace – SelfStorage?

The rental fee is a fixed price, which varies according to unit size and availability and is billed every 4 weeks.

In addition, a deposit in the amount of 6 weeks' rent is required at the beginning of the rental period.
 The deposit will be fully refunded to you upon proper return.

In addition, you are required to take out an insurance policy for your storage unit. You can arrange this either through your own household/contents insurance or the unit insurance offer from our insurance partners (see question: Are the contents of my unit insured?).

The rental of a storage unit includes the following costs:

  • 1st rent
  • Deposit (6 weeks’ rent)
  • Insurance premium

If you have any questions about specific prices and offers, our team is happy to help and advise you: Contact the location of your choice, find out more by using our online calculator, use the free chat option or contact our toll-free hotlines:

Hotline Germany: 0800 491 491 0
Hotline Austria: 0800 244 244
Hotline Switzerland: 0800 491 491

When and for how long can I rent a storage unit?

The lease can start at any time.

The minimum rental period is 2 weeks. If you take advantage of our 2-week or 4-week free promotion, the minimum rental period increases to 4 or 8 weeks. In addition, you can individually adjust the term to your needs. Rental contracts are generally concluded for an indefinite period.

Of course, we are happy about long-term relationships: We reward the loyalty of our long-term tenants with a discount of -15% on the annual rental amount (in case of prepayment).

Should you wish to leave us, you can terminate the tenancy weekly on the due date while abiding by a 2-week notice period.

What is the payment procedure for storage rental?

Your first storage rental, the deposit and the premium for the storage unit insurance policy taken out through us are to be paid upon conclusion of the contract. This payment can be made in cash or by EC or credit card (MasterCard, Visa, Diners Club) at the respective location.

Should you conclude your contract online, you can choose to pay the amount by instant bank transfer or credit card payment.

Subsequent rentals can be paid by direct debit, bank transfer, cash, debit (EC) or credit card.

How do I determine the appropriate unit size?

Determining the right storage unit size can be challenging because space requirements are usually overestimated (see question: How can I save money?).

To immediately determine the appropriate size, we recommend contacting our experienced warehouse professionals during a site visit, online chat or (toll-free) call to our hotlines (Germany: 0800 491 491 0, Austria: 0800 244 244, Switzerland: 08000800 491 491).

If you would like a non-binding cost estimate in advance, our online calculator can provide initial guidance.

What are the General Terms and Conditions (GTC)?

You can find our general terms and conditions here:

GTC Germany (PDF in German)
GTC Austria (PDF in German)
GTC Switzerland (PDF in German)

If you have any questions about conditions, please feel free to contact our team.

Are the contents of my unit insured?

Just like the contents of a rented apartment, insurance must also be taken out for the contents of a rented storage space since in both cases the “homeowner” is only liable for damages to the building.

Therefore, we recommend users to insure their unit contents accordingly. This protection can be organized either through your own household insurance or through a unit insurance offered by us.

Unit insurance of DONAU Versicherung (for Germany/Austria)

  • When concluding the rental agreement, the tenant may decide to take out insurance cover for the stored items up to an amount of € 4,000, or, if desired, up to a higher amount, but not exceeding the value of the goods stated in the rental agreement, under SELFSTORAGE's insurance contract with DONAU Versicherung.
  • In the event of such a decision, the stored items are insured against the perils and damages listed below: Fire, burglary, vandalism, water damage and forces of nature. 
  • Excluded are: Cash, stamps, gold, silver and jewelry items.

> To the conditions of the unit insurance of DONAU

Unit insurance of Helvetia (for Switzerland)

  • When concluding the rental agreement, the tenant may decide to take out insurance cover for the stored items up to an amount of CHF 4,000, or, if desired, up to a higher amount, but not exceeding the value of the goods stated in the rental agreement, under SELFSTORAGE's insurance contract with Helvetia Versicherung.
  • In the event of such a decision, the stored items are insured against the perils and damages listed below: Fire, burglary, vandalism, water damage and forces of nature. 
  • Excluded are: Cash, stamps, gold, silver and jewelry items.

> To the conditions of the unit insurance of Helvetia

How can I save money?

From many years of experience, we know that many prospective renters overestimate their actual space requirements and discover during on-site visits that they need far less than originally anticipated.

Therefore, we recommend that you take advantage of the free consultation offered by our warehouse professionals before signing a contract. Our team is available to you on site, via our (toll-free) hotlines (Germany: 0800 491 491 0, Austria: 0800 244 244, Switzerland: 0800 491 491) or live chat.

If you are planning to store the contents of an entire apartment, the following rule of thumb applies: 10% of the former living space = required storage space.

What is meant by a special room?

Not all storage units are the same: In addition to standard shapes, we also offer units with special layouts, columns or roof slopes. We rent these rooms at particularly favorable conditions.

Our storage rooms

What am I not allowed to store at MyPlace – SelfStorage?

Our storage units offer space for a wide variety of items and goods. However, some items are not allowed to be stored for safety reasons.

These include:

  • Food or perishable goods - unless they are securely packaged so that they are protected against infestation by pests and do not attract pests
  • Unpackaged clothing (especially fur coats)
  • Living creatures - of any kind
  • Flammable or combustible substances/liquids such as gas, paint, gasoline, oil, solvents, lithium batteries, etc.
  • Pressurized gases
  • Prohibited or illegally possessed weapons, explosives, ammunition (unless stored in accordance with the law)
  • Radioactive substances, biolog. warfare agents
  • Toxic waste, asbestos or other potentially hazardous materials
  • Anything that emits smoke or odor
  • Any prohibited substances and objects or unlawfully acquired objects
  • Materials that could affect third parties through emissions
  • More than 2 sets of car tires (i.e. max. 8 per rented compartment)
  • Cash, stamps, precious materials (e.g. gold, silver, etc.) are not insured

Important: In the event of violations that result in the spread of pests, the tenant will be charged in full for the costs of professional pest control.

What are the climatic conditions in my storage unit?

Safe storage of your items, documents and goods is very important to us.

Therefore, we ensure the following:

  • Consistent temperature and humidity control

Rapid temperature fluctuations that could affect furniture, household goods or other objects are principally avoided. Detailed information regarding temperature and humidity values that are proactively recorded and controlled can be found on the respective location website.

  • Frost resistance

Even in cool outdoor temperatures, your items are safe from cold exposure since our buildings are heated continuously during the winter season to ensure frost resistance.

  • Cleanliness, dryness & light protection

We place great emphasis on cleanliness because we want to offer an appealing and inviting ambiance. Moreover, we use modern ventilation systems to ensure a dry indoor climate that prevents the formation of moisture and condensation. We store warehouse goods in the dark; therefore, your unit contents are protected from light exposure and fading.

How big are the storage units?

Each of our locations has 800 to 1,200 storage units of various sizes (from 1 m2 to 50 m2). Shape and room heights (usually between 2.5 and 3 m) vary, offering the greatest possible flexibility.

If you need more space, storage units ranging from 50 m2 to 200 m2 are also available at some locations.

Our warehouse professionals will be happy to advise you on individual space requirements as well as specific unit sizes. Our team is available to you at the location of your choice, via our toll-free hotlines (Germany: 0800 491 491 0, Austria: 0800 244 244, Switzerland: 0800 491 491) or live chat.

How secure is my storage room at MyPlace – SelfStorage?

Your storage unit is secured with a personal padlock, which you lock with the associated key or by dialing the previously selected number combination. Additionally, your room is surrounded by solid non-transparent walls to protect your stored items from prying eyes.

The facility itself has a multi-level security concept, which includes individual access controls (by number code), 24-hour video surveillance, the use of state-of-the-art alarm systems and protection by our in-house security service.

Do the storage units have electricity?

No, our storage units are generally not connected to the power supply. However, upon request, it is possible to have power connections and meters installed at your own expense. Contact our warehouse professionals at the location of your choice for clarification on this option.

Are there rolling carts to transport my items to the storage room?

Of course – depending on the location and the booked storage room, the way to your unit can vary. Therefore, we provide a sufficient number of free rolling and lifting carts with which you can easily move pallets and stored goods of various sizes, shapes and weights from your means of transport to the storage room. The fact that spacious freight elevators are available and that ground-level access is provided throughout makes storage even easier.


Do you have any tips for my move?

A move needs to be well planned.
Therefore, we recommend the following:


  • Pack only things you still need, and use the move to get rid of excess items.
  • Start packing in good time.
  • Make a list of all of your moving items.
  • Measure items that cannot be disassembled and include this information in the list.
  • Label the moving boxes by room and contents.
  • Do not pack too much in a single cardboard box to keep the weight acceptable and to facilitate transportation.
  • Use appropriate packing material (such as bubble wrap, packing paper, towels, socks, tea towels and bedding) as stuffing material (see question: Which packing material does MyPlace – SelfStorage offer?).

Before storage

  • Contact the team at the respective location to discuss availability and the ideal storage room size. Of course, you can take a close look at our units during an on-site visit.
  • Arrange the start of your rental period according to your individual requirements.
  • Disassemble large furniture to save space and facilitate transportation.


  • Place tables and couches vertically whenever possible to take advantage of the full height of your storage room, saving floor space and money.

How does the MyPlace – SelfStorage free move work?

Acting fast pays off: The first 25 or 50 new renters in a calendar month will benefit from a special promotion:

  • You will receive a transporter incl. 100 free kilometers (excl. insurance and fuel) for 1 day from our transport partner.


  • 1-hour of free moving assistance with a truck and 2 helpers (minimum rental time of 3 hours)

No matter whether you choose self-transport or convenience moving: Vouchers and the contact information for claiming the promotion will be sent to you when you sign the lease. You can view more information about the transport service here.

Which packing material does MyPlace – SelfStorage offer?

To make your move as convenient and easy as possible, our shop offers a wide range of packing materials (such as cardboard boxes, mattress, chair and couch covers, bubble wrap, stretch film and adhesive rolls).

We rely on high-quality products such as double-walled boxes with reinforced bottoms that are particularly stable and stack very well:

  • Small box

ideal for heavy and fragile objects (such as dishes, glasses or books)

  • Medium box

ideal for bed linen, CDs and “bits and bobs”

  • Large box

ideal for light objects (such as clothing stored horizontally, curtains, lamps, radio recorders, etc.)

  • Clothes boxes

for garments that are stored hanging

  • Shelf boxes

ideal for the systematic storage of documents, folders and files

We offer attractive conditions if you purchase several products from our shop:

  • 10 products: -10% on the sale amount
  • 20 products: -15% on the sale amount
  • 30 products: -20% on the sale amount
  • 50 products: -25% on the sale amount

Our team will be happy to advise and assist you with choosing the right materials.

Package acceptance

Does MyPlace – SelfStorage offer package acceptance?

Yes, upon prior arrangement, we can receive your packages even in your absence. The packages are then temporarily stored in the dedicated package room.

> More information about package acceptance

When am I allowed to enter my storage room?

Access to your storage unit is granted 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Access is possible every day from 6 am to 10 pm.

Can I enter my storage room directly after signing the (online) contract?

Yes, immediately after signing the contract, you will receive your 8-digit security code, which you can use to enter the site premises from the selected start date of your rental agreement.

Access is possible every day from 6 am to 10 pm.


How can I cancel my storage room?

Should you wish to leave us, your lease can be terminated weekly (on the due date) with a notice period of 14 days.

Please note that the cancellation must be made in writing. You can submit the informal letter by email, traditional mail or stop by in person during office hours.

Do I have to return the padlock when I cancel?

No. Once your storage room is emptied, please remove and retain the padlock since you purchased it at the start of the lease. If you rent a storage room from MyPlace – SelfStorage again, you can, of course, reuse it.

Can I move to a larger or smaller storage room?

Of course. Changing your storage room is easily possible. Simply contact the team at the respective location. Our staff will assist you with all necessary steps.

Parking spaces for vehicle storage

Can I also rent parking spaces for temporary/permanent storage of vehicles at MyPlace – SelfStorage?

Yes, we offer safe and dry storage of cars and motorcycles at certain locations. Contact the team at your desired location to clarify whether this option is available.

Office hours

When are the site offices open?

Our site offices are open Mon - Fri from 8:30 am to 5:30 pm and Saturdays from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.

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