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Rent a Warehouse at MyPlace

Create the necessary space for your business to thrive. We offer numerous secure and clean storage units near you – find the ideal warehouse in the right size to accommodate your products on a short- or long-term basis.

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When do you need additional space for goods?

There are many reasons why you might suddenly need more space for your business:

  • Growth: As a company expands, the demand for warehouse space often increases. Inventory may grow due to increased production, the introduction of new products, or expanding distribution.
  • Seasonal Demand: Retailers often experience seasonal fluctuations in demand, for example during the holiday season. This may mean that more storage space is needed to handle a higher volume of orders and a bigger inventory. A flexible storage solution allows you to meet the additional space needs during peak times.
  • Relocation or Renovation: When relocating or renovating your business premises, goods often need to be temporarily stored elsewhere. A warehouse provides the option of storing goods off-site until the relocation or renovation is completed.
  • Excess Inventory: Sometimes, excess goods accumulate due to overstocking, canceled orders, or seasonal fluctuations. In such cases, renting a warehouse can be an efficient solution to store inventory outside of the main business space.
  • E-Commerce and Online Retail: With the growth of e-commerce, many companies require additional space to store products. Renting a warehouse allows online retailers to organize and efficiently manage their inventory, ensuring smooth order fulfillment.

In these scenarios, having a practical and flexible solution ready to go in your vicinity means more time and resources to focus on the essentials – your success as a business.

We offer flexible storage options in various sizes, ensuring that your items have enough space. You can determine the amount of space your goods require using our storage space calculator.

Ideal storage conditions for your goods

In our storage units, you will find perfect conditions to store goods on a short- or long-term basis and keep them in optimal condition. Our storage units are:

  • Temperature-Control: Thanks to advanced temperature control, air conditioning in the summer, and heating in the winter, even temperature-sensitive goods can be stored safely and securely.
  • Controlled Humidity: The humidity in the storage units is closely monitored and controlled to prevent moisture damage, mold, and potential damage to your items.
  • Hygiene: Our units are thoroughly cleaned before the keys are handed over to you.
  • Maximum Security: Video surveillance, access control, and alarm systems ensure that your goods are perfectly protected from break-ins.

Additionally, our MyPlace Shop offers shelves, boxes, foils, covers, and more, ensuring that all products can be properly and securely prepared for storage. We also offer additional insurance options for comprehensive protection – we are happy to give you detailed information by phone or during an in-person consultation.

Storing goods at MyPlace – the Benefits

Our storage units are the perfect place to store goods and create more space on your company premises. Here are the main advantages we offer:

  • Optimal Storage Conditions: Safety, cleanliness, and modern temperature and humidity control make our storage units the ideal place for your goods.
  • High Flexibility: We offer maximum flexibility with a minimum rental period of 2 weeks - you can adjust the rental duration and size according to your individual needs.
  • Transport Assistance: We connect you with selected local transport companies that can support you in transferring goods from your business location to the storage unit. The transportation service can either consist of a self-drive transport vehicle or a complete moving package.
  • Short Distances, Convenient Transportation Options, and Free Parking: Transporting your goods to your storage compartment and back is an easy and quick endeavor thanks to our short transportation routes and practical freight elevators. Additionally, free parking is available on-site.
  • Expertise and Advice: We are available to assist you with all questions and concerns via phone, email, or in person. Our experienced staff will provide comprehensive advice on our additional services, the right size for your storage unit, or proper storage of your goods.
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