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Our storage units

A safe home for everything near and dear

Our self-storage units create space when...

your apartment has become too small

We often don’t have enough space at home for everything we need. With our safe storage rooms, you can create freedom of movement within your own four walls without having to part with cherished items. Whether sports equipment, books or memorabilia: With us, everything is in good hands.

you don’t have an attic or basement

Without a spacious attic and usable basement, storage space becomes a scarce commodity. A self-storage unit gives your treasures a new home and provides protection against frost, heat and climate fluctuations: Effective temperature regulation and winter heating are always included.

you are preparing to renovate

A renovation project can turn everyday life upside down. Knowing that furnishings and furniture are in the best hands and in a clean environment during stressful remodeling phases provides relief. Our self-storage units will ease your mind and are always there for you in all circumstances.

you are getting ready to move

Turning over a new leaf in life is exciting. Sometimes there is a gap between the moving-out and moving-in date, and the right storage room will bridge this gap until your new home is available. Furniture, appliances and boxes find a safe, clean and easily accessible temporary home with us.

two households become one

Duplicate items are often the result when two become one. With a self-storage unit, you do not have to rush anything: Create space and time to decide the fate of your duplicate items or use the opportunity to store kitchen appliances, furniture and the like for the long term.

life changes

Not all furnishings and favorite items make the move to another country or to a seniors’ residence. A storage unit will guard these items in your absence, preserving their value and ensuring they are always available should life take a different course.

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